Saturday, July 2, 2011

0 Constituency Environmental Committee (CEC) and Constituency Environmental Inspector (CEI): Terms of Reference

The Constituency Environmental Committee (CEC), terms of reference shall include:

·         Regularly consult and discuss with the local people in Location-based meetings on the priority areas that the fund can take care of with sole aim of restoring and protecting the environment.
·         Administer the Constituency Environment Fund (CEF) at constituency level
·         Vet and hire Constituency Environmental Inspectors (CEIs) and Assistant CEIs
·         Vet and fund environmental-based proposals for Youth and Women Projects
·         Report regularly to the treasury (or any other appropriate body) on the use of the allocated funding.
·         Carry out biannual internal and annual external audit of funds allocated to CEF.

The Constituency Environmental Inspector (CEI), terms of reference shall include:

·         Keep a registry and a data base of all the project being undertaken by the CEF in his or her respective constituency, their status (completed, on-going, targeted, suggested etc) and specific remarks for each one of them,
·         Keep a registry of all the leases (private wetland leased out to CEF), their status (stopped, on-going, targeted, proposed, etc) and specific remarks on each one of them,
·         Keep a photographic database of ‘before’ and ‘after‘ intervention in each project of lease,
·         Visit the intervention areas regularly (assisted by the Assistant CEIs), to inspect if parties are adhering to their terms of the agreement in case of a lease.
·         Hold regular meeting with the local people at location level (can be convened by the Chief) in order to consult and prioritize environmental needs in the area.
·         Report back to the CEC who shall then see how to allocate the funds at hand as they set priorities for the following financial year.
·         The CEC with the help of the CEI can apply for independent funding from other sources to beef up what is allocated by the Treasury.
·         The CEI shall be a holder of a university degree, majoring in management of agroecosystems, agriculture, ecology, natural resource management or environmental science.
·         Assistant CEI shall be a Diploma holders in the above subjects, or agricultural extension and education.


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