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In this page, I give you restoration success cases. Photos speaks louder than many words, right?

Karibu/Welcome/Bienvenue/Welkom/Salve/Baruch haba/ברוך הבא

Case 1: Restoration of degraded community grazing lands in Laikipia, Kenya [Photos by Mureithi]

Before - Severely degraded rangeland in Laikipia, northern Kenya [October 2007]

Intermediary - just after Reseeding with Cenchrus ciliaris, Eragrostis superba and Enteropogon macrostachyus grass seed mixes; site ripped to break soil surface crust and create rain-water harvesting embankments [March 2008]

After - Flourishing grass established within the restored sites/enclosures [November 2008]

Case 2: Restoration of degraded semi-arid rangelands in Lake Baringo Basin, Kenya

Watch this short video - Seeds of Change [Courtesy of Rehabilitation of Arid Environments (RAE) Trust]

More Cases around the world here http://www.ser.org/project_showcase.asp#ShowcaseListing

What are you doing yourself to restore the degraded environment near you? There is so much you can do, starting with, planting a tree, watering it and seeing it grow......

Share your experiences here. 

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