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Simple things you and me can do to protect the environment every day, wherever you are!
  • Switch to energy-saving bulbs
  • Don’t leave your rubbish lying around.
  • Support conservation campaigns e.g. Tree Planting Days, Carry Ciondo to Supermarket instead of using Polythene wrappers
  • Get your family and school thinking about environment issues daily! Remember your children are watching you, and they want to be like you.
  • Start an Environmental Club – or horticultural, bird, hiking or nature club.
  • More biking please! Demand local planners to establish bicycle lanes and safe bicycle road-crossing points in your county.
  • Do environmental assemblies at your (or support one in your former) school. Celebrate Earth Day (22nd April) and World Environment Day (5th June).
  • Monthly Clean up Days please - For Kenya, 3rd Saturday of every month
  • Plant trees – care for and nurture them
  • Get your community to encourage recycling of all their waste
  • Promote anti-pollution awareness in your work place, school, community
  • Be involved politically, elect leaders of reason and action not empty rhetoric
Finally, plant a tree for every happy moment e.g. for every Birthday you celebrate, for every family member, and

Create a garden! Grow fruits and vegetables. Reward yourself with nature’s riches every day. You could even venture out in agribusiness, which has a lot of potential in developing countries especially for the Youth. Start small and grow, do not let the question of 'no-capital' stop you at 'dreams stage'.


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